Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trust your government to our safe hands!‏

Well here we are again NSW, this latest event in the long line of scandal and disgrace that is the New South Wales Labor government certainly gives new meaning to the old adage "idle hands are the devil's work".

Well it seem that this saying may take on a new meaning after we all found out yesterday of the disgraceful behaviour of NSW Ports Minister, Paul McLeay.

Clearly he did the right thing by resigning but then again what choice did he have? You couldn't cover up this one. Let's not forget that he still holds his seat and is still being paid our tax dollars to serve as a Minister.

WRONG, by-election or not, this character should be fired -- and isn't it about time that Premier Kristina Keneally stopped the madness and took a walk to the Governors office to request an election? At least she would then be remembered in the pages of our political history as a politician who wasn't anybody's GIRL -- or puppet -- rather as a person of courage and a sense of independence.

This indulgent MP, McLeay (he is married you know) can gamble online and surf the net for as much porn as he can get, it is not illegal and who am I to say that he should not?

Well I'll tell you who I am, I am one of the millions of fed up, over-taxed workers of New South Wales and this bloke's wages comes from my efforts and yours, everyday. When is it ever acceptable that a Minister of the Crown in one of the most important portfolios of government, Ports, is spending his duty time checking out the sexual explicitness of the Internet or gambling online when clearly this is not the mandate given by us the taxpayers, the people.

I do not except his apology (that is for his family to forgive) and neither will I accept the weak-kneed response from this Premier, for yet another of in a long laundry-list of failures, corruption, incompetence and scandal that is clearly business as usual for the NSW ALP.

Get your dirty hands of my state! ... Can you believe that we have to put up with this band of boneheads until March , 2011?

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DaoDDBall said...

A competent government would address the issue of Hamidur Rahman.