Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Catch of the Day

Fair dinkum, what is going on in the heads of some people? From stupid and moralistic pious dribble from the usual useful idiots of the left, about how Bin Laden should have been captured and convicted of a crime via trial, like the MASS MURDERER had stolen someones bike to the extreme hard headed rock apes of the far right who are calling conspiracy and hatred of the President because he won't parade the dead body of Bin Laden like a trophy cup.

STOP! ........ and think about it. If Bin Laden was alive then would the US government tells us he wasn't and that they were responsible for his demise? Of course not, because Old Osama would just pop up on a video again and make the entire administration look like fools.

What if the man was captured and put on trial? .... clearly he would be guilty before any trial, the evidence is overwhelming and Bin Laden would only use the trial to make more points and anti West propaganda. In goal he would be the excuse for hundreds of acts of terror with the demand always being " Release Osama or we will......."

If you saw his body in the flesh or even just pictures of it, the conspiracy nuts would still not be convinced because these things can be faked easily enough by any kid with Photoshop or they will say they just dressed up some homeless waif who had died in an alley.

It's logical and logic will put you out of your suffering. Believe that the most evil terrorist of our times is no longer on the planet and get on with your life. It doesn't matter how or when he died, it only matters that he is dead and can inspire no more. Although he will probably inspire many more of his twisted kind and will be held up as a hero poster boy in death as he did in life but who could have ever changed that eventuality?

I'd much rather see a photo of Muslims and Christians and Jews etc just getting on and enjoying life together, and if you think about it wouldn't you!?!

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