Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Happy Bob‏

Well then, as we head into the predicted rapture and end of the world as we know it, you would have to be a little glad that at least Bob Brown and his mad left Greens, in conjunction with the party of "WHATEVER IT TAKES" will not be the ones to return us to the stone age and basically end our world as we know it today.

Hmmmmm, well of course the end of the world according to some zealot nutjobs is not going to happen this weekend but I am damn sure that if the Greens/ALP coalition is allowed to get away with this insidious carbon tax, that we will certainly long for the days before it and will be remember those days as "the golden age" of Western civilisation.

Did you see the "Glass Jawed" Senator Brown yesterday being questioned by journalists? Brown called yet another media conference to cry like a baby that the Murdoch Press (who he casually refers to as, the HATE PRESS) is not being fair to him and his delusional ambitions to save the world from dangerous climate change.

When the reporters asked him to actually give them something more than the usual conservative bashing rhetoric and pointed out the fact that it is not just the conservative media that is against his Carbon dioxide tax but that most media outlets were rightfully reporting and reflecting the massive disapproval of this tax within the general public, then Brown went very strange in his manner, like a creature cornered.

What was Bob Brown's reply to that? Did he give the media any figures and facts that would unquestionably support his and Gillard's claim that taxing carbon producing industry was going to change natural climate change?...... NO!, all he said was that he was HAPPY and that the reporters should be happy also and then he made another unproven claim that the membership of the Greens party was growing faster than the circulation of the Murdoch Press!?!?!?! See the video here

Brown talks of a need for heat on those of the media trying to bring his argument down. The problem with Bob Brown now is that he doesn't realise that he is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and now that he can no longer use the media to his advantage and that the same media is starting to scrutinise him and his political party, which now has more power than ever before. The fact is that Senator Bob Brown cannot handle the heat and is resorting to that default defence of the left, attacking the man and in this case the media and the vast opposition to the Carbon tax. It is very telling about his true self as a professional politician. What I saw at that press gathering was a frightened bunny rabbit with nowhere to hide and not the leader of a fast growing political party.

Even the old fan club for the left, The ABC is now starting to ask the hard questions and you can see from this video, where Bob Brown is being interviewed by The 7:30 Report's Chris Uhlmann, that the Senator was not prepared for the scrutinising from his favourite media outlet at all.

There is one ally that Bob Brown should consider that he does have in Conservative political circles and that is the former leader of the conservative coalition, Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull stated publicly that he believes that the Abbott climate change policy will blow out the budget. Brown said of Turnbull's comments that he believes that "Malcolm is showing a wider loyalty to the country".

Turnbull the turncoat is clearly the enemy within Abbott's cabinet and simply is too ambitious and obviously has never gotten over his defeat by Tony Abbott back in 2009. It is reported that many Liberal members want him removed from the front bench as soon as possible and I for one say hear, hear to that!

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