Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Evil has a very BAD day

Obama kills Osama. Wow you couldn't invent a better bumper sticker for this lame duck US President and although the current conspiracy theory that Barry Obama held off on the assassination of Bin Laden until his polls dropped below a certain number holds no water with me, it is true that this wonderful event will lift his personal popularity indeed.

"Mission Accomplished" certainly did that for G W Bush when Saddam Hussein was arrested but again this took many years and lives to do and I believe that either President would have gotten the job done at the very moment they could have. War casualties never help an incumbent government no matter how just the cause.

As wonderful as it is that one of the most hated figures in the history of the world has met his just end, there is no doubt that this will have no effect on the War against the Jihadist Caliphate but rather it will embolden the distorter's of Islam to avenge their spiritual leader and this will also help with recruitment to their warped cause.

The battle that the West has against any form of terrorism will simply never end. In a hundred or even five hundred years there will still be terrorist's bent on destroying freedom and democracy wherever it exists.

From religious fanatics to bent government ideologies such as Communism, the fight for true freedom and democracy is never ending and the price to pay is constant vigilance.

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