Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ostrich For Immigration

This cartoon is inspired by just one comment made by 2UE's David Oldfield and I think illustrates clearly the lack of control and vision that not only the Minister, Chris Bowen, has for our border security but the entire Federal Labor government.

You can see clearly that John Howard's Pacific Solution was the only policy needed to control the people smuggling trade and all of the evils and expenses that naturally follow the current open borders policy of the left. Just as we can see that the reversal of the policy by the Rudd Government in 2008 is the cause of all the problems we face now with regards to this issue.

What is also clear to see, is that the Pacific Solution was removed to pander to the Greens preference deal and the usual useful idiots of the left, who lobbied hard for it's removal prior to the 2007 Federal Election.

Clearly the result is now seen by the current Gillard government as a true voter issue and as hard as it has been for her to swallow her pride and accept that the policy change was an error, it seems that the PM may just have to reintroduce the Pacific Solution to lift her ever plummeting poll figures.

I can see, as most of you can, that policy and reform is not the driving force behind the Gillard governments political philosophy but rather it is all about staying in power and doing "whatever it takes" to make that so!

As a student of history, I see that this type of governance always leads to defeat and long periods in opposition so I say "keep it up Juliar"

It does seem to me also that the only one who cannot see clearly any of these issues is the Minister concerned: "The Hon. Chris Bowen". But you can't blame him for that because he is obviously happy to keep his head buried in the dirt. If he thinks that this will help him in removing Gillard as the leader and opening the spot up to himself then I would also say that he should take another look at Australian political history of the last decade and in particular the Abbott/Turnbull situation.

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