Monday, July 28, 2014

Compare the Pair!‏

With a hell of a week behind us I guess there is not much more to say than bravo PM and shame on you Bill Shorten. Whilst the PM showed true leadership this week, our ALP Opposition Leader, scraps the bottom of the barrel with his address to the party faithful this weekend. With nothing to add, no ideas or plans to improve the fiscal mess that he and his gang of socialist criminals left behind, he turns to that old default position that the Tory Hating Laborites always divert too, CLASS WARFARE!.

I am sure you caught his hollow hatred rant against Abbott & Hockey on one of the many media outlets today and no doubt you will be able to read all about it in a Fairfax publication this morning, only it will be headlined as " THE RISE OF BILL SHORTEN".

This bloke has learnt NOTHING from the last 6 years of chaos and instead of finding ways to assist the government to balance the books again and pay for all the promises made by both sides, he is the new "MR NO" and is clearly living in denial of the massive defeat that his party suffered last September.

Meanwhile as a disturbing side show, the Palmer United Circus just keeps on a rollin' along. Clive is hell-bent on getting back at Qld Premier, Campbell Newman, for not giving him the green light for some of his mining ventures via his pushing for a Senate inquiry into the Newman Govt.

Not realising from the start that corruption is not Premier Newman's bag, thus any financial support that Clive gave to the QLD or National LNP was never an instant stamp of approval for Palmer's plans.

Should I even mention the bogan "Senator" from Tasmania. Jacqui Lambie really has taken out the word "Class" in the phrase "Political Class". I doubt she will ever learn and hopefully the fools that voted for her will wake up to themselves next time around.

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