Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Show Must Go On!!!‏

Well, now that the initial shock is dying away and like many broken hearted fans of this bloke, yep I really did respect him once upon a time, I was thinking that Rolf Harris was not just another convicted PEDO that got away with his vile acts of betrayal for years and years but like several other recently exposed kiddie fiddlers he was an entertainer!

 Sure, there is no doubt that some religious organisations have protected their pedophiles for years and one can never excuse that and I am not saying that all Clergy are guilty nor am I saying that all in the Entertainment Industry are also guilty or compliant. I believe that the vast majority of people in both practices are normal and just as disgusted as the rest of us.

 You can certainly understand the denial and deceptive reasoning for the protection of these evil clergy and just what a bad look such terrible behaviour would donate to the cause of Christianity, again I say a warped reasoning, BUT what about the industry that has for years gone out of its way to lampoon and mock Christianity, always taking the high moral ground on these issues?

Well, as it occurs to me, their hypocrisy has no bounds as they are just as guilty for protecting their own pedophiles. Harris's ill treatment of little girls has thankfully been exposed and he will spend the rest of his life as a pariah and hated man but what about those who for their own personal reasons are as guilty as the perpetrator by turning a blind eye to what they knew was happening? When does justice find them? ....... I guess God will sort them out!

I just thought it was a side to this whole tragic event that none of my contemporaries were exploring.

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