Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Pretend Dragon Slayer‏

So, what do reckon, will today finally be the day that the majority of Australia has been waiting for, a day when the Gillard lie is reversed and justice, logic and reason prevail? The day in years to come when we can say to each other,..."HAPPY CARBON TAX REPEAL DAY MATE"?  Who knows hopefully BUT when a populist loose canon called Clive Palmer has the balance of power in the Senate nothing is sure anymore.

I have no doubt that all the frustrations caused by Palmer to block the Coalition's mandate to repeal this stupid economically destructive waste of time, have all been about political posturing for the PUP. The truth is that Palmer wants the tax gone, after all he did campaign for its removal and it doesn't serve his business interests either but that his last minute amendment stunt was just that, A STUNT!

 It had little to do with getting a better deal for consumers, although that's what the average non engaged punter will think was done. No, it was all to do with making Palmer look like Superman to the rescue, that he was the one that called the tune in the end & was the true champion responsible for the end to the madness that was the CO2 Tax. The mainstream media, especially Fairfax, have also gone along for the ride by echoing the lie that Palmer is running the agenda.

Palmer is a clever political animal but he is never to be trusted because at the end of the day if he and his ship of fools don't look good, then no one will, including the future of Australia......, in my humble opinion.

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