Friday, July 18, 2014

Publish or Die!‏

It worked!, the entire world's media are  now focussed again on the Ukraine. I truly believe that there is no way that the operators of the sophisticated targeting and guidance systems of the Surface To Air Missile Launcher that brought down flight MH17 this morning over Ukrainian territory, did not know that it was targeting a civilian aircraft.

This brings me to the question, "Why shoot down a civilian Airliner?". My only conclusion is that this act of terror will bring massive media attention to the continuing fight of Ukraine and Pro-Russian and Russian backed Separatists.

What's happening in the middle east as well as all of the other world news has knocked the disgusting annexing of Ukrainian territory by Vladimir Putin to the back of the newspaper if at all -- and we all know how much terrorists thrive on publicity to even be relevant in their own minds.

Seems almost that the flight targeted was a matter of personal convenience for President Putin? With 100 of it's passengers en-route to Melbourne to attend an International HIV (AIDS) Conference, many of them distinguished in their fields in the fight to destroy HIV, just maybe Putin sees them as the friends of his enemies. After all, we all know what Putin thinks about Homosexuality. I'd say he would like the virus to carry on doing it's good work, in his opinion of course!. Maybe a stretch to far but nothing would surprise me these days.

It will interesting to see if the truth ever does emerge and just how the world will prosecute the case for justice.

Comment from JR:  Best information seems to be that the plane was shot down by pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels -- but the most interesting question for me is what the plane was doing in a declared no-fly zone

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