Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mixed bag of priorities this week!

Quite a mixed bag of priorities and issues, as I have seen them,  this week. Of course it is Mental Health Awareness Week once again and as with very year there is a lot of important and much needed discussion and debate about this growing national epidemic.

Pollies make more promises to do more etc etc and then the week is over and it's time to move on to whatever the next awareness week is. Really quite an insult to this very serious social problem and it is something that should be discussed and dealt with on a daily basis until the situation is under control, in my opinion.

 Those Islamist maddies continuing to dominate our media and the minds of our leaders, and I can't really blame anyone for that other than this death cult. I guess I am suffering from a bit of burn out but hey, I'm lucky, I still have my head so I shouldn't complain.

Of course the issue is totally off the radar for the gangrenous Greens who's continued contribution is to childishly mock the Prime Minister for being a solid and decent citizen.

ALP has nothing to do but look sombre and supportive because even a socialist comrade like Shorten knows and understands evil when he sees it.

Then there's our old mate Clive Palmer who has finally shown all of his cards, only to reveal that his entire reason for wanting to be a MP was to get revenge on Campbell Newman and the QLD LNP for not helping him out with some mining issues a few years ago. I know one thing about Clive, he may have friends but they are all new ones, the man has no old friends!

So why the fighting kangaroos symbolism? Well. just a few day ago a bloke just a few streets from where I live, caught this on video and now it's all over the country and the world. It is a quintessential Aussie moment, that I wanted to mark.  See here

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