Friday, October 24, 2014

The HypoGreens

After months of hearing the Greens decrying the Government over  its ever toughening stance against the Islamist Death Cult in the Middle East, and everywhere  taking action against the West, as if Abbott and even the ALP were in some great American driven conspiracy to alienate the Islamic population of Australia & the world.

The Greens openly telling us all not to refer to terrorists and such, as this will only anger them more and that somehow we (the West) have created this cult's Caliphate and determination to wipe out the West and all infidels.

If there was ever a case of "My enemies enemy is my friend" then the  sickening support that the Greens have for these murderous barbarians is such a case.

I do wonder though, that even after an Islamist attack on Ottawa, a centre of democracy that is so very much like ours and in a country who society, values and history we share, such as Canada, that the Greens will finally see the light and understand that their lives and their freedom are as much as being threatened and taken as that brave Canadian soldier who lost his life today?...........

I still wonder what it will take for them to understand that there are only two sides in this War and that the choice to be on the other side is suicide!

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