Monday, May 25, 2015

Progressive Backwardness‏

Should Australia accept back into the country, Muslims who have gone to the Middle East and joined ISIS?  What if they are now disillusioned with ISIS?  If re-admitted might they carry out terrorist attacks here?  Abbott has said they will go to jail if they come back but some Leftists argue that they should be used to help de-program Jihad sympathizers here.

Can anyone please tell me why we are even discussing this? Why are we entertaining the thought of bringing home traitors to all that we are, Australian citizens who have knowingly broken our laws and have fought and most likely murdered innocent people in the name of some Death Cult Jihad to be anything other than tried, convicted and imprisoned forever????

As if you could de-radicalise someone who has not only had their heads filled with pure evil hatred for the West and anyone else who doesn't follow their version of a throwback barbaric ideology, but has already taken part in a disgusting murderous rampage through Syria and Iraq for the the last two years!

Would we have tried to "DE-RADICALISE" any of the NAZIS?,... Of course not!!!, because like this group of psychopaths, they would have gone along for the ride, pretended to be magically cured of the evil within and literally had gotten away with murder.

How many more videos and news reports from the the living hell that is the Middle East and the clear evidence of just what ISIS is doing and doing well in Syria and Iraq, do Australians need to see before they start to see the real and present danger of this Global Caliphate against us all!?!?!?!

Bring the traitors home and put them in a Special Gaol for TRAITORS!...... and chuck a few of these Academic Leftards that came up with this idea, in with them!!!

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