Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Real Struggle Street‏

Now that my week in Hospital is over and I'm back home (Had a nasty Staph infection in the leg), I have hopefully caught up on what was a great week for most editorial cartoonists.

Taking the oh so "controversial" theme of the SBS reality drama of bogan life on the fringes of Western Sydney, and applying it to the Cashed Up Bogans and near do wells of the leftist fringes of Canberra. I have managed to include all of the new players and some older ones and the usual expected reply from this hostile and obstructionist Opposition and collection of Senate minor parties misfits, to the Coalition attempts to get this Budget back on track..

The newly found division within the ideologues of the Greens. The clashing of minds within the Leadership of the ALP, Palmer slipping further into irrelevance and of course there's the crazy cat woman from Tasmania.

If ever there was a "Struggle Street Show" it is the dysfunctional mob in Canberra that also enjoy our taxpayer dollars for doing  BUGGER ALL!!!

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