Friday, May 15, 2015

Worse than Russell Brand!‏

I can't believe that this ALP and this Leader of the Opposition can not only be this hypocritical but have learnt nothing from the failures of the past. I am talking about Bill Shorten's Budget reply speech.

Instead of doing anything to address the budget deficit (that his ALP gave us), he instead launched into some kind of a pre election campaign speech, delivering more of the same old ALP policy without substance and motherhood statements about everything from education to health to the climate and welfare, without pointing to one single economic policy that will actually fund this "Magic Pudding" to provide his bribe to Uni students and old age pensioners, just to name a few.

The Coalition has to be laughing loud as Shorten not only had nothing negative say about the fiscal sense that the 2nd Abbott/Hockey Budget has laid out, but rather he has tried to one up the Government by using shallow and quite childish rhetoric to the applause of an obviously stacked rent-a-crowd of Laborites in the Public gallery.

I thought to myself that not even that "useful idiot" of the Left, Russell Brand the self proclaim Messiah of the People and political mover and shaker, could do a worse job than the Budget reply that Bill Shorten has delivered tonight. Long may he reign as Leader of the Federal Labor Party, because as long as he is there, I am pretty sure that the fair dinkum voters of Australia will not allow these Socialist criminals back into the Lodge.

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