Monday, May 25, 2015

What's really at the end of this rainbow?‏

Ireland is now the first nation to pass a referendum on same sex marriage. All I can say is that I hope it never happens here.

I may consider myself a Libertarian but as you know just like Socialism, there are differing levels of Libertarianism and I am certainly not of the anarchical view of the spectrum. Sure I believe in freedom of expression, the press, capitalism, democracy and small government but I am above all else a Conservative and a Christian who believes that there must be rules and laws that help to guide us and check us when we as human beings can and do abuse our hard fought for freedom.

Society cannot exist in a civilised manner without such guidelines and as far as I am concerned the sanctity of the definition of marriage is such a guideline and must never be diluted or perverted.

I am not homophobic in any way, I believe that if a man or woman wants to love another of the same sex then they should be able to do that without prejudice or shame.

Under the law in this country same sex couples have all of the same legal rights as any heterosexual couple and that is just fine with me.

I have no issue with a same sex couple enjoying a wedding ceremony and I believe that these ceremonies should be legally sanctioned but not at the expense of any Faiths doctrine or the Constitutional Marriage act itself. Call them Civil Unions or whatever works for those who want them but just do not pervert more of the basic fundamental meanings of society by calling them a marriage.

The word "Equality" has been hijacked in this debate and is another victim of distortion by the Left. If this is about equality then what about those who will fight for their equality to be married to a sibling or to more than one consenting partner and so on. I am sure that most homosexual folk would think that these examples are sick extremes and they are right but do they not see the hypocrisy of the "equality" argument when it only applies to them.

The true madness is that whilst we continue to fight each other over this so called "progressive" movement to change the meaning of the word Marriage, all over the world Gays, Christians, Atheists, and even Muslims are being slaughtered in horrible ways by a "Global" Caliphate that has been inflicted on us all.

Celebrate all you like Ireland, enjoy your feel-good moment but if you don't join the rest of the world in the true fight against Islamic State then a true inequality of life, that many in the West continue to ignore, will put a shocking end to your party!

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