Friday, January 18, 2019

BYE BYE to mother England

Into the EU black hole

I don't about you but I feel like I am sitting in Australia watching my English Mother slowly committing suicide. The majority of POMS rightfully want out of this emerging New World Order called the EU, and yet their elected Representatives think they know better.

So sad to watch and the Markets will certainly respond poorly to the defeat of PM Theresa May's Brexit Plan.

The Kinks wrote what is truly a prophetic song. It's called Living on a Thin Line. Have a listen if you are not familiar. I wonder if they referring to PM May's red strings?

I'm glad that my Mother's parents and my elder Uncles are no longer alive to witness the destruction of their beloved England, especially after the fight they all went through between 1939 and 1945.

I thank God and I thank them, for immigrating to Australia after the War. I was born in the Promised Land. That is why we must continue to fight for it because its the PRIZE of PRIZES that our enemies want so badly.

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Amfortas said...

The British people voted to 'Leave the EU', NOT to 'ask the EU for permission to leave and accept the EU's requirements for leaving'.