Thursday, January 31, 2019

The DEMONcrats of New York, USA

Much more needs to be said about this PURE EVIL legislation that allows the Termination of a healthy child in the womb up to 9 months of age.

This Perverse Political Credo called the Democratic Party of New York, has now set a precedent for all the Pro Choice Baby Killers out there, to now lobby with.

This is, like all this sick legislation, the thin edge of the wedge.  When will it stop and at what age?

Ever seen LOGAN's RUN?, if not Google it because that will be next & as unimaginable as it is, wasn't this Legislation just as unimaginable not that long ago for most of us,........that's next, you'll see! Along with the imprisonment of people like me who stand up against this ABOMINATION in our Lifetime.

What is their true agenda? what are they MURDERING CHILDREN at 9 months now, wasn't it enough for them at 24 weeks?

Why can't the term ABORTION be substituted with the LIFE GIVING term of ADOPTION ???


If the Mother to be is genuinely going to die as a result of a pregnancy, then that is a matter for the Doctors  (I underline that Pronoun,  because you don't need to be a Doctor of Medicine in New York, to kill these children in the womb). The legislation now states that the "procedure of terminating the pregnancy" (we are no longer unborn children, we are now called PREGNANCIES. I guess that makes everyone feel better, eh) will be permitted if it is deemed to have a detrimental HEALTH effect on the life of the Mother.

As we all know that the term "health" refers not on to the physical but also to the emotional and mental state of a person. So if "Dad" takes off and "Mum" can't cope with having their child without him in their life etc, and then she has a breakdown over this and starts crying about how terrible her life will be because of this unborn child, that she never wanted anyway, then she will likely qualify as someone under Emotional and or Mental Health Trauma. This alone will now be the reason to kill this child before it is given a chance to live outside of the womb............ Is it just me or has all the oxygen just left the room at the mere thought of this?

God help them all, this is BLOOD LUST on a scale that we haven't heard of since the Child Sacrifices of the Ancient Times. They are the DEMONcrats in my opinion!

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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