Thursday, January 24, 2019

Confusion and danger in the ranks

Trump has correctly in my opinion, maintained a ban on people identifying as a sex outside of their natural gender from joining the Armed Forces

I agree strongly for this reason. I served in the Army and I can tell you that placing people who don't know if they are Arthur or Martha, WILL and has before, disrupted the Esprit de Corps -- and this type of disunity only goes to weaken any fighting force. All members of a fighting unit must be united as one with one common objective, and that is to win the battle and protect the man next to you whilst doing so. If the link in that armour is weakened because a soldier who would like to see the person next to them, who is suffering from identify issues (mental illness) as dead person, then obviously that is not the best way to run any Armed Defence Force.

I see all of this of course, as just another way that the Marxists social engineers are further emasculating the West and now they will attack the very fighting and protective heart of any Western Nation, by planting this new & "progressive" but VERY destructive cultural seed within. Once it's allowed to grow, it will become uncontrollable, almost impossible to remove, just as they have done in every other institution outside of the Military.

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