Friday, January 25, 2019

Just the usual shift change.

No doubt the now battle weary Anthropological Climate Change Warriors (in their Air-Conditioned Environments) are slamming their clubs on the ground, claiming VICTORY, VILIFICATION, Praise be to the GODS of ACC !!!

This because a few Capital cities are experiencing extreme heat conditions yesterday and today.

Notice I say a few and capital cites (where it is always a bit warmer than the rural populations, due to structures reflecting and containing heat).

Of course they all forget that we live in a land of Drought and Flooding rain, Girt by sea, know the rest, and that this is Summertime in Australia.

If anything it's a little cooler than the summers I recall as a kid but then again it sometimes fluctuates to remind me of those extreme hot January days of my youth.

That's right, Climate FLUCTUATES Globally and the causes are ALWAYS natural, be they Terrestrial or Celestial, it's just not mankind!

The seasonal patterns still remain and since we started recording them, not much has changed at all, and very little since the beginning of the Industrial Age.

If anything is happening Globally, the Boffins will tell you that it's cooling at the Poles, and that is again a cyclical event in the Worlds HISTORY (they conveniently forget)  of climate change, as we believe it to already be.

Enjoy the Beach Weather Adelaide & Melbourne, and remember to slip slop and slap, because Skin Cancer is also a Naturally caused disease.

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Anonymous said...

The Adelaide record temperature referred to here is the result of BOM "adjustments", just like the man Winston Smith did to history in the book 1984. The actual recorded maximum was 12th January 1939 when the recorded temperature was 47.6 degrees C, a full 1 degree hotter!!