Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Premier still has SOME friends

Background on Morris Iemma's woes here and here


Zoe Brain said...

I may not agree with all the political points made.. but Darn, you're good at what you do.

Thanks, and please accept a Bravo.

Now if only the NSW libs were half-competent, someone like Iemma could never have been re-elected.

ZEG said...

Thank you Zoe, I truly appreciate an honest mind, left or right of the political fence. I accept your Bravo and again thank you whole heartedly
I agree the Libs campaign was too soft and that is what lost it for them. I actually thought Debnam wasn't a bad choice for leader at all.
By the way from what I have seen from Barry Offarrell so far I really think that he would be good for the state. Only time will tell. maybe the ALP will sack Iemma and surprise us all with a talent that we haven't seen yet, we live in hope.