Monday, July 21, 2008

Australia needs its Batman too -- Peter Costello?

Hope you enjoyed the WYD08 event, I know I found the entire vibe more than uplifting and certainly verifying that you don't need drugs and booze to have a good time, will the lesson ever be learnt though?

Another almost but not nearly moving event was the release of the new Batman flick " DARK KNIGHT "and if you haven't seen it yet , then do yourself a favour...Heath should get a posthumous Oscar for his role, brilliant.

Why, oh why are the men at the top of the Liberal Party fighting over this Garnaut Report Scam and the inevitable economic and cultural destruction that this will cause (even the CSIRO are on the payroll now). How is it that a conservative party cannot see the social agenda behind this entire scam and want to "get on board " with the so called popular view that we all want to be poorer and completely price ourselves out of the market? Answer Political Need, Political Greed.

(There is talk that former Treasurer Peter Costello may replace uninspiring Leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson -- who has gone rather "Green" in response to the climate change "Report" by Ross Garnaut. Malcolm Turnbull is another contender but he too is wishy washy on Green issues)

Airline industry travails

Fuel is again the big ticket issue and once again another Aussie Iconic company has already started to signal the end. The good folk at Qantas are about to experience a taste of what their colleagues at Ansett copped but as the man said " YOU AIN"T SEEN NOTHING YET !!!"

(Airline flights are being scrapped in response to high fuel costs -- and the threat of Rudd's "Green" taxes is not helping. Major airline Qantas has already announced job reductions. Centrelink is Australia's Federal welfare agency)

The only positive that may come of this fracas with Brendan and Malcolm is that it may just be the break that Peter Costello has been so patiently waiting for. By the time the next election comes around we will all be longing for the glory days of the greatest treasurer this country has produced and I believe it will be enough to sink Rudd's ship and put Costello at the helm that he has conspired to take hold of for all these years.

Unexpectedly the ever obedient useful idiots in the media jumped at the chance to report newest and again very questionable poll that Aussies are all for cutting their own throats on the Garnaut Report whilst there is no mention of the last on-line Poll that I saw (NEWS POLL) just the other day, which had the result completely against this socialist scam at 3 to 1.

I also laughed when the same barking media report actually stated that the public supported Carbon Trading but that most had no idea what it actually means ???????? yep that I would believe, the dumbing down is finally showing effect.


Kevin said...

Costello shouldn't be leader. We need someone stronger, someone like Kevin Andrews, or Sophie Mirabella.

ZEG said...

G'day Kevin, I agree that Andrews and Mirabella would be excellent candidates, both have outstanding qualities, I can see why you would say that but I still believe Costello has more than just cred but has a natural leadership personality, the whole package. People always argue that experience is the most important factor but I say that a leader needs to be a leader born and I can only identify that quality in Costello. He has a certain MONGREL about him and if we don't start standing up for our own interests from a conservative aspect both globally as well as locally then you can kiss independence goodbye and say hello to our great nation being nothing more than the southern component of a one world government. The socialist /UN one world movement now has a funding tool ( Emissions Trading ) and they are even reintroducing Esperanto ( International language) into US/UK and EU school systems. The plan is moving very quickly now and the unholy union bent on the destruction of the West are looking at total control in just one - two more generations. Time for a real leader Kevin, not a show pony and self interest driven man such as KRudd.