Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arctic oil and alien visits

Looks like "they" are starting to get a little worried that the reality that burns us all -- "Money in our pockets" -- is actually starting people to use their brains and look for answers .

Now that Dr David Evans, former government paid global warning and Kyoto ratifying scientist is now publicly telling everyone that the science behind emissions trading (the great global tax) is actually false, the useful idiots in the media start the distraction machine with stories of recent oil discoveries in Alaska (more crap, they have had that oil up there for decades) and stories about crazy old astronauts who claim to be in on the whole "Alien Conspiracy" (maybe there is some truth to this, I have an open mind on the subject, logically it seems possible but I need physical proof) and segue into a plan to create moon bases.

Let's face it, this is all spin to get the talk around the environmentally friendly water cooler to move away from war, politics, the costs of living, exposing the climate change scam, kids addicted to video games and Internet chat rooms and the basic dumbing down of this generation and the early retirement of said generation through massive death of western youth linked to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Talk about an Inconvenient Truth.


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Bird of Paradise said...

The Hot Air and Hype from Al Gores yammering piehole he is all mouth and no mind