Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Starbucks quits as Rudd opens the gates

With the ever increasing demise of the all powerful yet successful Starbucks empire (a definite pointer to the state of our economy) and now the softly, cuppa tea and a bikkie approach to illegal immigrants (the signal that will do nothing less than embolden people smugglers) is it any wonder that we have a Labor Party running the country.

I'll say one thing for Rudd, he is a man of his word because he did say that he wouldn't rest and would get straight to work. He has wasted no time in getting stuck into destroying what the Howard government had built up over 11 years after the previous ALP government mess.

Seriously, who wants to put up their hand now and say that they voted for these clowns? just like the deafening silence one hears when you ask for a logical and scientific argument over manmade climate change actually being fact and that we can do anything about it -- also lack of people admitting that voting in the NSW ALP State Governmentfor another term was a wise move!

But wait folks, you ain't seen nothing yet! and if Brendan Nelson doesn't grow some balls and fight the left wing faction in the Liberal party and defeat this madness of Emissions Trading then I see nothing but a long dark future for us all...... for all except the wealthy politicians ofcourse, they'll be OK.

(The Leftist Rudd government is reversing the tough conservative measures against illegal immigrants that were instrumental in stopping the flow of illegals into Australia. See here)

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