Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Condoms and the Papal visit to Sydney

(Assorted Leftist crapheads have been doing their best to harass the young Catholics gathered in Sydney for World Youth Day and the visit of the Holy Father. We read:
Condoms will be handed out to pilgrims en route to a papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse on World Youth Day as part of a protest against the Catholic Church's attitude to homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

A coalition of religious, atheist, gay and lesbian groups will stage the rally in Taylor Square from midday on Saturday July 19 before marching to the main event of the week-long World Youth Day celebrations.)

Alas, if only the parents of the great unwashed that are now free to throw and wave condoms in the faces of these people (who are after all following their personal beliefs and not imposing them on others) would have actually used a condom or had an abortion then this embarrassment (in the name of freedom of speech, again) would not be happening.

Who are these hypocrites who hide behind a lie that the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa is as a result of a handful of Catholic Missionaries preaching that the use of contraceptives is a sin. I have recently read in several world recognised medical reports that there is unarguable proof that malnutrition is a very large contributor to the disease and its spread and the fact that tribal practices such as incest and the wholesale rape of men, woman and children due to primitive beliefs and WAR are far more likely to be the cause of this national disaster.

Who would ever think that a man who was raised to be a Catholic in an African town or village would consider promiscuous sexual activity resulting in the spread of AIDS?

Well, of course, all those that proclaim to be of any Christian faith have and do practise pre-martial sex. No one is kidding themselves there but I would consider it would be most likely that a man who is ignorant of the teachings of the Lord and the mores and values of Christianity would take and rape a woman due to a primitive belief of ownership or as a spoil of WAR, and that this person would never consider a condom nor would they consider a medical checkup either (even if there was one available).

What we are seeing from the NO POPE mob is just another excuse for the socialists amongst us to have a dig and swipe at organised religion and God knows the Catholics are high on their hit list.

Best wishes and enjoy the vibe. I am not Catholic but I can feel a positiveness in the town that I haven't felt for a while. Maybe it's the Force Luke.



John Surname said...

"several world recognised medical reports "

Hi, may I please have a link to these medical reports?

"Who are these hypocrites who hide behind a lie that the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa is as a result of a handful of Catholic Missionaries preaching that the use of contraceptives is a sin."

Myself, obviously, but I am not a hypocrit. If I am, I would like yoyu to explain to me how.

Take, for example, the WYD's own booklet. It contains a story which describes a man who had pre-marital sex once, waited to get married, and passed on the STD he unknowingly contracted all those years ago to his wife and child. A condom would have prevented that.

"but I would consider it would be most likely that a man who is ignorant of the teachings of the Lord and the mores and values of Christianity would take and rape a woman"

Do you have any statistics from this? Or is this a personal belief?

Look forward to your replies.

ZEG said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment John and I am happy to reply.

Why is HIV more widespread in Africa than elsewhere in the world, and why are some parts of Africa affected more than others?

No-one really knows the full answer to this question John. In fact there are many website and reports that support and disclaim Scientists and Doctors with the theory that malnutrition has a lot to do with the actually virus itself. I am not a doctor and unless you are ? we will have to agree to disagree and that this problem is being solved by greater minds than ourselves and that although condom use would certainly help ( we do know this ), the use of such devices ( although banned by this Church) is a not however the reason for the disaster. Yet another excuse or patsy used by socialists to attack the establishment and in this case the Catholic Church. I am sure that you and I would agree it is a human tragedy on biblical proportion and the sooner the solution is found the better. I believe that the teachings of the bible are a sound solution that many other cultures do not know or understand and that this is a huge part of the problem. However we do know there are many factors that influence the rate at which HIV is transmitted. Such factors include poverty; economic disparity; social instability; gender inequality; sexual violence; other sexually transmitted infections (which facilitate HIV transmission); lack of male circumcision; high mobility; rapid urbanisation and modernisation; and ineffective leadership during critical periods in the epidemic’s spread. Some scientists believe that differences between HIV subtypes also have an effect on transmission rates.

People in sub-Saharan Africa don't have many more lifetime partners than people in other parts of the world. However, researchers have found that in some areas it is not uncommon for people to have two or more regular sex partners at the same time. Someone is most likely to transmit HIV during the period shortly after they are infected, when they have very high levels of virus in their body. Therefore someone who has two or more concurrent partners is more likely to transfer HIV between their partners than someone who has a series of monogamous relationships. This too may help to explain why HIV is more widespread in Africa.

Sexual abstinence and the understood basis of Christian doctrine regarding premarital relations is clearly my point. If the man told about in the WYD booklet ( I haven't seen it) had heeded the word and waited until he had fallen in love and made a martial commitment before having sex then the STD would never have been an issue.

I call these protesters Hypocrites because they use freedom of speech to deny and confuse the ideal that the Catholic Church teaches. If the objectors do not want to follow the word of God as taught through the holy Church of Rome then that is their freedom to do so but John Freedom is not FREE and there is always a consequence to ever action both here and as I believe in the after life. I believe we are all sinners in the eyes of the Lord and that is why he sent his only son to redeem us all of our sins. I say to you that Jesus Christ is our saviour mate and I understand that this message is lost to many and thus this is the root all of our manmade woes.

Not only is my faith strong John but my understanding and desire for logic and fact is just a sound. I tend to think with both sides of my brain. I am not saying that you don't but I am clearly a conservative thinker where I believe you are more to the left ( more emotive in thought) and although we may argue about many things politically, I will always fight for your right to say them. As long as what is said doesn't promote violence or death of our western world and values and civilization as I have known it as an Australian, this I will never support.

You see it is my belief that we are all children and like all children we need guidance. If there has been no spiritual guidance thus like a lost sheep the threat of carelessness resulting in mortal and spiritual danger is great. " The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want....." I am sure you know hymn.

I really don't have statistics to back this up only the written history of mankind will support my claim. I know that reliogious arguement has been the so called cause of many wars but I believe that the true cause of all wars and that comes of war is nothing more than the greed and unspiritual life of some men.

My grandfather once told me when I asked him what was war ? He said " When old men argue and young men die" I can see that he was right.

We have thousands of people in the city today and not one case of drunken or drugged abuse, knife attacks or shootings or robbery from any of these Pilgrim, they are all united by one cause, Peace. Doesn't that fact speak volumes to you? ( and before you say it I have very close links to the Police Force and this was confirmed for me today )

Before I sign off John I have a strong feeling that I know you. I think you are a cartoonist ? Am I correct ?

Best wishes mate

here's one link that helped me with some info but like I said if you look you will easily find credible reports from both sides of the debate.

John Surname said...

Thanks for your response. It's interesting that you've softened what you've said in the post.

We'll have to disagree on the religion thing, we are clearly at odds there. But I completely disagree about your assertion that the "lost message of Jesus Christ is the root of all our man-made woes."

You neglect to mention that if condoms were in use, the HIV would not be transferred. No buts about it. I did ask for a link to your medical reports, and

Actually, Zeg, I am an entirely rational thinker. I am highly skeptical about everything I read. I check facts. I look for vested interests. I think about opposing arguments. I make sure that before I accept something, I am well-versed in the matter, and there is a low chance that it is incorrect.

I have looked at the site you gave me, but we were not even discussing the cause of AIDS, merely how to stop the spread. And condoms are a each and effective solution. They are also frowned on by the Catholic Church. See the link?

AIDS has nothing to do with being Christian, or not. It is all to do with education and proper health services, neither of which are provided in Africa.

John Surname said...

BTW, I am not a cartoonist. Cannot draw to save my life!