Monday, September 1, 2008

A book is fine but what about some action?

(We read: "Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has used literacy week to belittle former treasurer Peter Costello, who is releasing a book next month. Ms Gillard mocked Mr Costello for appearing indecisive as he has failed to spell out whether he is staying in politics or retiring. She noted the company publishing Mr Costello's book, Melbourne University Press, has the motto "books with spine". "We await this great entry into the literary world - a book with spine from a politician without one," she said in Question Time after a question about literacy week").

Someone is launching his first book soon. Personally I am looking forward to reading it and will reserve my judgement until I have read it

.... unlike Gillard whose incredible foresight has prophesied that it will go straight to paperback and that the spine is sold separately

.... heehaw (TIC) funny stuff Julia but please leave the cheap shot comedy to comedians and get on with the job of smashing the militant teachers' union and making the department of education a public institution that is accountable to the people of Australia. We would all like to see a little less conversation and a little more action please,..... thanks Elvis !

As for the author Peter Costello, good luck to him, I hope he makes millions -- but for Christ's sake if the man still wants the top job then state it loud and clear.

What he and his supporters are doing now is nothing less than political rape of the party. If the Federal Liberal members in the Costello or Turnbull camps do not stop facilitating the left wing media complex with statements of disunity and start standing firmly united behind their leader then they can expect a long time in opposition and it will be no fault of the opposition no matter how much these socialist scum pull this country further down to a third world level. They may sound a little conservative at present but don't be fooled, a leopard never changes it's spots , red or blue.

Just look at the largest capitalist country in the world at present......China . Sure they love to trade with the West but make no mistake, the bear is still a murderous Commie even though it watches the world on a plasma TV.

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