Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A public hospital disaster -- They cannot even pay their bills

I guess the true test of any government's real worth is seen in the way they handle/manage and maintain the basic services needed for a large Western society. Law and Order, Education and Infrastructure such as utilities and transport are all at the top of the list but none is more important than the life and death requirements that is the Public Hospital and Medical Services.

"Here he goes again" I hear you say, yet another bash around the ears for this current ALP Government. Well ladies and gents this time above all others it is a well deserved bashing. Like I said before, state health services are a LIFE AND DEATH issue and to think that this once proud and efficient government portfolio has sunk to even new lows of not being able to pay its suppliers (some as long as six months!) speaks volumes about the inept way in which NSW (the highest taxing state in the country) is being run.

I know it's another 2 years until the next election and anything can happen but I doubt very much that the past decade and more of bureaucratic bungling and mismanagement will ever be repaired in time to make the voters forget.

I feel for the next government and the task ahead and hope that who ever it is has woken up to the fact that the people of NSW are not fools and will never stop believing in the fundamental principle that government is by the people and for the people....... that's why it's called the public service!

Best wishes to you and I hope you don't get sick.

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