Thursday, February 26, 2009


More jobs lost to China as the "stimulus" fails

Have you been waiting for the proof that the farm was sold to the enemies of freedom and democracy? Well here it is Australia. Media report here.

Now that this great land of invention and opportunity is virtually no longer ours and that means our children and children's children too, then is it not time for Australians to stand up and say NO MORE to the Socialist take over of the West?

Maybe more are now waking up from the great drunken BBQ BEACH party to see that they were robbed overnight but I am not so sure many still really care. The air is still the same, the beach is still there and the car is still running so what has changed ?.......


No, our famed apathetic "she'll be right mate" good nature has not served us well this time round. Both political parties have sold us all out long ago and with the continuing global take over of the NEW OVERLORDS in the third world we will soon see just what it is like to slip from first place to equal last.

Tariffs remain nil, competition has turned into a game of monopoly and the FREE MARKET has started to destroy our very way of life all in the name of Globalism and the New World Order.

The customers now own our shop so where does that leave us? With our backs against the wall and everyone scratching their heads and thinking "How can this be?" You have to hand it to the Chinese Communists, they have just about won their revolution and without a shot fired! Instead they have used Capitalism and its greed along with the useful idiots of the left with their sickening ideology to take your well-paid job and your kids futures.

I wonder just how many proud Aussies actually did try to buy the local products when we still had them? Bugger-all I'd say. From Whitlam to Rudd, from Carter to Obama, and, oh, a special mention for the great Bill Clinton for his massive success in destroying much of the US economy.

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