Thursday, April 16, 2009


Normally the madness of the loony left aka the social engineers/Marxists who are hell-bent on this new one world/one think order are best laughed at and ridiculed when they want to impose their liberal mentally disordered ways on what is substantially still a free and democratic capitalist society based on Judeo-Christian values.

This time folks, there can be no laughing at this piece of politically correct doctrine.... Government wants under-fives taught to be politically correct

This is definitely MARXISM 101 and is about to become standard educational policy. It is the very thing that we must stamp out now or ignore at our very peril. That's the choice we have while we still have choices.

If such socialist thinking is to be accepted by the parents of this and the next generation as a normal part of a child's early learning then all I can say is it will not be long until the STATE will control more than just your children's minds. Soon the mental plaster-cast will be so set that nothing except a bloody revolution will overthrow the government that will control your very thoughts.

But by then who will be fit and able to fight this communist cancer? Not many of us will be left and those who are, will be so old or placed in institutions for the aged that there will be no chance of regaining the Australia and the free way of life that we have simply taken for granted.

This is why I will never vote for a political party that is based on socialist ideology. I wonder how many of you still would vote for someone like Julia Gillard who clearly has put the red stamp off approval on this policy on mind control.

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