Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gallop's Going Grey Quickly

Yes, it's the silly season down under and always at this time of year, almost certain to be in the news from week to week.

Footballers in a boozy brawl

Incredible that the NRL doesn't put a zero tolerance blanket booze ban on all 1st grade players during the season !?! especially following this latest episode of stupidness.

Considering that David Gallop's most nervous time of the week must be scanning the Sunday morning paper, so why hasn't he ruled on this? David Gallop has been the Chief Executive Officer of the National Rugby League since February 2002.

I think it's simple, you want to play in the greatest game in the world at the elite level then you MUST forgo alcohol until you are out of the playing season, play or drink? that is the choice. Why these young men who have worked so hard for so long in their lives to get to this level surely can see that a few months of no booze would not be a great sacrifice considering the more important sacrifice that they make daily and that is to train like a b*stard and to spend the huge payments that they make wisely and preferable in preparation for their own future.

I heard recently that a poll was carried out on these 1st grade players and they were asked what was their favourite past time when not playing or training? .......Video Games scored the highest response. Now that's a generalisation because I don't know how many were polled, who conducted the poll and what the percentage was that answered this way but I can sure imagine that this would be close to the truth.

Do you remember not so long ago when a 1st grade player, played the game for the love of it and the club, and not for the money? They all had full-time jobs/careers because they were smart enough to know that when the footy boots came off for good, that not all of them were guaranteed a regular job in the media as a commentator or a TV host. In saying that I also don't remember the players of the 60's 70's and 80's getting into so much drug, woman and alcohol related problems as they appear to be doing now on a weekly basis!... then again that might have a lot more to do with self discipline and respect rather than just boredom....don't get me started on that subject.

Best wishes, I hope your team wins as long as your team are the Sydney Roosters!!!

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