Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cranky Kev

The Honeymoon's over Baby

Pre-election 07 we were bombarded with the images of a man who was not only a devoted Bible toting (more symbolism, he can't be taking in the verses) Christian but also a very un-A.L.P politician who claimed that he was was not like the rest but rather a "FISCAL CONSERVATIVE" and all of this painted by the -- let's face it -- more than supportive media.

Now the media would have you believe that this jet setting, celebrity loving P.M of ours is anything but opposite of what they claimed or at least swallowed during the honeymoon period of Election 07.

I would firstly like to examine his Christian principles. Here's a point, remember the SCORES NIGHTCLUB drunkenness incident in New York? Very Christian-like indeed! and now we have the man who not only abuses A.D.F female staff on his plane over a trivial issue of food during one of his many, many flights around the world.....

He has a serious problem with applying a sense of decorum and style and or patience when dealing with his personal staff -- many of whom have resigned from his employ -- on average of one a month since he took office...

With all that said I would now refer to his claimed fiscal conservatism. I can not see how a man who is already 52 billion dollars into our national surplus in just 16 months of taking office and who is already planning a third raft of welfare increases and public bailouts whilst not making any attempt to review tariff laws, business tax regulations, banking regulation or assisting in the reintroduction of some true national industry incentives can for a minute claim to be what he says.

Therefore the old cynical adage of "Trust me, I'm with the government" has never before shone so brightly RED as we prepare to set sail into more asset sell-offs. And this time it's to his Communist Chinese mates just North of us.

I was willing to give this man a go but as I see it, time is up and the verdict is in on a man who I see will be known as a true Socialist Prime Minister bent on making us a republic before his end in office and a bloke who conned a nation when times were still good with fluffy pseudo-science crap such as ratifying Kyoto and when times were tough appearing as the saviour of the working man. Says a lot about our joint Australian consciousness when K Rudd is currently leading the preferred PM poll at a record pace!!!

I guess all you really do need to gain power in this country is to baffle them with B.S, throw the masses a few bucks and appear to be Obama's best buddy.

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