Sunday, April 5, 2009

The blackout State

I assume that if you drive a car and expect it to start up and run well every time that you use it, that you understand the basic principle of regular maintenance ?.....of course you do !

It seems though that our elected leaders in New South Wales haven't quite grasped this concept.

See media report here

Probably because most of them are driven around in vehicles that they don't own and thus don't they have to worry about such things. I wish that was the truth of it. I believe the real truth is simple NEGLECT and a misguided sense of priority and forward thinking, a true lack of caring for the state.

Sure the NSW ALP has been guilty of this for over a decade. However my broad brush generalization applies to both political parties when it comes to wasted and deliberate misuse of taxpayer money, not to mention the continuing oligarchical rule of senior bureaucrats in the so called public service.

When the Liberals are elected I see no real chance of them being able to come close to repairing so many years of infrastructural neglect in just one election cycle. The state is broke and the top end of the halls of bureaucracy will never give way to any innovation or a change in the culture that they have so insidiously engineered.

Get use to if folks this is the just the start of the decay.

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