Monday, August 3, 2009


(Fred Nile is a prominent Christian critic of homosexual behaviour)

Maybe if you were siting in the audience of the Labor party conference, held last Friday, then you may have wanted to be spared the tedious back slapping and boring party speeches by actually stepping outside and becoming an audience to another ridiculous yet far more interesting show.

The Gay Marriage lobby ("gay marriage" is an oxymoron by the way as the true definition of the word "Marriage" means a union between man and woman) put on a large and very loud protest, calling on the Prime Minister to change laws to allow homosexual men and woman to be married and your Mum and Dad were.

Thankfully Rudd didn't believe the very questionable poll that claims that 60 percent of Australians support gay marriage (they must have taken the poll in Oxford Street, Sydney) and has for the first time in my understanding of the man and his politics actually supported the more truthful public belief that very few would support the watering down of the sanctity of marriage, regardless of one's religious convictions. Report of his stance here

In fact religion has very little to do with the whole issue. What is consistent though is that Rudd has once again disappointed a huge part of his traditional voter base by flatly refusing to adjust these age old laws. And although he is to the centre left of his political party, I believe that even the far left of the ALP would never commit to such a fundamental change in our societiy's basic foundation stones of civilisation.

I have now and never have had an issue with gay partnerships or unions being recognised in law and giving same sex couples all of the the same common law rights of ownership, etc that all married and de facto heterosexual couples experience today and to the PM's credit so does he.

My strong conservative compass will never change on this point and I doubt that any Australian political party member, with the exception of a few Greens, would ever cross the floor on this issue.

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The Weasel said...

I'm Christian and not gay. I have had friends who are gay. I think it is a matter for the faiths if they marry a couple, not for the state to order. But, I think the state must accept marriage license for gays in civil ceremony. In civil terms it is important to codify property rights for same sex couples as it is essential for opposite sex couples. But I don't get the gay community are arguing for that. I think the gay community are arguing for acceptance. Maybe if they find acceptance within themselves they will notice it in others.
As for Rudd and the ALP, I notice that their is hypocrisy at the heart of the ALP. Whatever they stand for they don't deliver so as to be reelected. So they do nothing effective on the environment and campaign with the Greens. They don't remove guns from the community so as to keep the issue alive. Equal rights aren't dispensed by them so as to cry foul over the issue.