Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL".... Has Prime Minister Rudd never heard this old and wise quote? Clearly not, because I am sure that all that's holding him back from regaining more voter support (which is currently at an all time low for him) is his pride, The same stubborn pride that is preventing him from admitting, that his policy to remove the successful " Pacific Solution" policy, introduced by the previous Liberal Government, has sent out a strong signal to the people smugglers, that Australia is now a safe and soft target for this illegal trade.

Lives have already been lost.... the latest report is six men and two children, TRAGEDY! And no, I am not saying that Rudd caused the ship to sink or the people to drown or even that he wanted anything like this to occur, he is a decent man after all, but what I am saying is that if the border security had not been lowered by Kevin Rudd, then it is most likely that these people wouldn't have bothered to take such a risk.

The real issue here is that Rudd is now trying to appear "HARD LINE" on illegal immigrants and, is at the same time, trying to satisfy the soft-headed do-gooders, the same people who voted for him because he stood on the platform of introducing a more humane way to deal with alleged alien arrivals.

This is what we have now, a PM that thinks that he can please everyone, all the time! Anyone with any common sense knows that this is a recipe for failure and speaks volumes of the man's weak character. There are no "PUSH" factors that Rudd keeps quoting are the cause of the current influx. The fact is that any person in a second or third world country, would gladly spend their last penny to get to Australia, which now has the reputation, and truthfully so, as being a huge welfare society. These folk are simple economic refugees, looking for a better deal. You can't blame them for that, but there are correct ways to do it and what they are doing is illegal under Australian law.

This policy failure and the current international embarrassment that it is causing Kevin Rudd, will no doubt have to end somehow soon because as we all know , Kevin 07 wants to perform on the international stage and is heading to Copenhagen in a few weeks to audition for the role. How it ends is yet to be seen but I am sure it will not be in the interests of Australian taxpayers and our border security.

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