Sunday, November 22, 2009


Andrew Bolt said last week: "How bizarre to see so many experienced journalists confront Kevin Rudd’s lies - and yet fail to call them by their name. From yesterday’s Insiders, here’s the panel agreeing that Kevin Rudd is, um, well, just wrong to claim he did not offer a special deal to the Tamils on the Oceanic Viking."

And of course Andrew's point is accurate as usual. Clearly the words LIE and SPIN are now defined as having the EXACT same meaning, thanks to this recent exposure of the Rudd government and in particular the PM's complete lack of diplomacy in the face of adversity. Yes Kevin 07, the Oceanic Viking Disaster is your Tampa! The difference is, that the ALP lapdogs in the mainstream media did not salivate for months over this debacle nor did they point out that although no children were thrown over board, they didn't bother to mention just how Rudd lied to the country by claiming that a deal had been done with the Indonesian government, which they of course denied!

How did he ever hold a job as a diplomat in the first place is beyond me but then again he became Prime Minister of this country so I guess anything really is possible in this great land of opportunity. Now of course a land marked as just that by every people smuggler on the planet.

To say that we have a credible "opposition" party is also a load of spin. Considering Malcolm Turnbull's close alliance with the Rudd government on the Cap and Trade scheme that they both so want Australia to sign up for in Copenhagen, is it any wonder that we could very well be living in a third world country with such standards of living that anywhere in the third world will closely resemble life in Australia, along with levels of foreign debt that would take more than several generations to pay off.

Our very way of living is in its greatest peril and yet the one bastion of balance in our Westminster system of government, is the fact that there is an alternative government to keep in check the despot wannabes, and the one worlders/communists, in order. Well, there was until Malcolm Turnbull came along. Our only hope is that men such as Liberal leader of the Senator, Nick Minchin, and Cory Bernardi along with Liberal Minister Tony Abbot and National Senator Barnaby Joyce will be able to overturn the madness that is planned and this will take nothing less than a change of coalition leadership at the Federal level of the Australian Liberal Party.

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The Weasel said...

I know that Bolt was a former ALP speechwriter and he hasn't stopped holding their torch. He is very forgiving of the ALP for what he condemns in Mr Turnbull. I expect that the Liberal party will vote down the ETS because I trust Mr Turnbull to oppose it because an ETS is not in the nation's interests and he has promised he won't act counter to the nation's interests. Mr Turnbull has repeatedly said that he supports effective policy to oppose global warming. Clearly the ETS won't be that. What will be interesting is how much the ALP are willing to compromise on their tax grab. The press are working overtime to present some compromise as being Liberal problems, but in fact it highlights how little the ALP care about their own scare campaign.
I just hope Mr Turnbull doesn't make a liar out of me and vote for it ..