Monday, November 9, 2009

The Vandalism of our Intelligence‏

I nearly fell over laughing when I read this pile of crap the other day: "CHILDREN carrying spray-paint cans without a legitimate reason could face six months in jail under a revolutionary graffiti crackdown by the State Government."

Who does this bloke, Nathan Rees, think he is kidding. The last time a magistrate had the testicular fortitude to put a graffiti vandal away, the outrage from the bleeding heart liberals, who incidentally ARE responsible for this disgusting social phenomenon, was deafening and the Rees government supported the back-down of the sentence to little more than a smack on the hand. Whilst Rees is basking in the light of his new best friend, Kevin Rudd, who on Saturday gave the Premier the greatest stamp of approval and endorsed him as a man doing a good job, Rees has taken this line from the Federal leader and has gotten all hairy chested by announcing this new policy in law, in an attempt to impress and appear tough on crime.

I for one would love to see these scum bags, who contribute to the many forms of vandalism by our misspent youth, in Long Bay Gaol and doing it tough. I am sure that, after a few very public convictions, most of these stupid kids and adults would really think twice before attempting to express themselves at the taxpayer's expense. Personally, I have had to remove "TAGS" from the front of my property more than once and that has only hardened my wish to see an end to this rubbish that some academic fools and social workers actually call art.

I wonder if the knife and the drugs that the kid is also carrying will add anything to the sentence?....Watch this space folks but I wouldn't hold your breath! When we can't lock the little dears up for stealing cars and running from police, then how will this be any different?

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Keith said...

Not Long Bay, give them 6 months on the cleaning crew fixing up the mess, starting with their own handy work, if caught red-handed. They would learn how to fix things, and also learn that fixing takes a lot more effort than damaging or defacing other people's and public property.