Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senator Cory Bernardi - A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!‏

Well, to say that South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, is a diamond in the rough, would be as much an understatement as saying that Al Gore isn't evil, he's just wrong. Here we have a man who is going against a party-line, backed by his leader, that supports Rudd's push to join the socialist one worlders in Copenhagen in a few weeks. I would recommend, that any who hasn't had a listen to the brilliant speech given by England's Lord Monckton to do so now and also download a copy of the draft COP15 treaty that Rudd intends to sign thus giving away our sovereignty so that he can take his place at the UN table of power.

Senator Barnaby Joyce of the National Party has also been labelled as a heretic to the new Climate Change religion and now from within the ranks of Turnbull's complicit Liberal Party, comes a man, a man who is destined to lead us all out of this dark place that we are going to. It will be Corey Bernardi's name that Australians will remember when, they have to take another cold shower and walk another 5 kilometres to work, assuming they have a job, due to the third world that we have now inherited -- as our wealth is redistributed to the third world.

Better to have a global second world economy whilst the OVERLORDS in the United Nations, pat each other on the back whilst sipping champagne in their Lear Jets on their way to another execution of a journalist who dared to express his or her views under the now outlawed freedom of speech right.

The so called "Fairness Doctrine" was just the beginning in preparation for the world to come -- with thanks to the agenda of one Kevin Rudd and the support of one Malcolm Turnbull...both millionaires!

The Cap and Trade regime that will be so entrenched in our economy will be the madness to their method. ETS is a tax that we will all have to explain to the next generation as "it seemed like a good idea at the time, I mean he was so nice, he was even on Rove"......... Well, not this black duck folks! My kids will not be hearing that from me.

This is Cory Bernardi's first and I am sure not last video posting. It is called News, Views and Ideas. A good name but I see see it more appropriately title "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, THIS IS THE ELEVENTH HOUR". Watch, listen and learn, there is still some hope.

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