Monday, November 2, 2009


if you are a media junkie, like me, and in particular spend hours a day listening to talk radio and the everyday Australians expressing their views on life, politics and the world in general, then you have no doubt notice a definite swing in the thinking of people with regards to the great global warming scam and one of it's greatest proponents, our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

I believe that the cause of this shift in perceptions is quite simple. People are starting to look into the pseudo science of it all, with the help of a few rebel mainstream-media commentators and can see that there is something logically missing, thus coming to a sensible conclusion, that this is a socialist engineered attempt to make us all financial and emotionally dependent on the one government that has imposed the EMISSIONS TRADING TAX.

ONE GOVERNMENT? .....indeed, this phrase is being repeated all over the world and so often now, that it has become standard fill for the political/party speech writers. It is also the tune that non conservative governments are singing the loudest. As U.S. President Obama, P.M. Rudd and a hand full of socialist leaders rush to home of fairy tales, Copenhagen, we are all sitting back, scratching our heads and thinking things like, "did we vote for this?", "do we want to lose our national sovereignty?" and the ever increasing cry, "I wanted to save the planet, not pay a new tax to enlarge a centralised government and make a handful of investors wealthy!"

Yes, the gloves are now off and the the eleventh hour is upon us all. I can only hope that we as a proud individualist, secular, Western democracy will be able to stand up and say NO! and be able to stop this madness and destruction before it can get another foothold.

I draw your attention to the excellent writing on "global warming" and other topics by "Herald Sun" columnist and commentator, Andrew Bolt

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glenisd said...

I think you write excellent articles on the evil Australians are being exposed to via our traiterous PM Rudd. He is either a meglomaniac and an embarrassment to the Labor Party whose members are all too afraid of him to remonstrate with him or he has "lost the plot" in his eagerness to destroy Australia by any means possible. I also greatly enjoy the cartoons and thank God for the web as without it we would not be able to find out what is really going on in our country. I thank you, Andrew, Piers, Alan Jones, Janet and all the serious and objective journalists who are exposing this travesty of a Government. Watch your backs.