Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Australia, the land of Minority Rule!‏

Condolences Australia, your democracy means b*gger all! Why do I say this? simply because I have always and I believe most of us agree that it is generally understood that the basic principal of democracy is that the MAJORITY DECISION RULES. Well in our case of late, this is clearly not the case.

The Liberal National Coalition received more votes and more seats with the message to the Australian Labor Party, "we are not happy with your government!". Seems that message was heard but clearly thanks to our ridiculous electoral system of preference voting, we now have the most left wing and DANGEROUS SOCIALIST alliance in Canberra today.

I have tried to look for the method in the madness of the two so called "Independents" (what a joke that word now is!), Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, and I can not see any reason for their backing of the ALP/Greens other than for personal gain.

The real truth that these two men need to realise is that they have spat in the eye of their constituency,a massively Conservative constituency, as well as the majority of voting Australians, by siding up with some of the most crazy and anti capitalistic people in the country.

There is no stable government at present, a minority federal government just cannot deliver such a thing. Therefore that argument holds no water with me and if these two "progressive trendsetting" MP's think that there will be any real parliamentary reform or economic success or have any of their issues dealt with in accordance with conservative ideology of their respective electorates, then they clearly do not understand the nature of the beast. They have laid down with dogs and will get up with fleas.

Tony Abbott is a Liberal hero and will be the next PM of Australia and I am sure that will be as a result of a real election and one not so far off as people think.

This is not sour grapes, this is a statement of fact and of reason and only those two things will get us out of the hell hole that we have just entered.

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DaoDDBall said...

There is a danger that the ALP supporters will swing back to endorse the ALP again. The case needs to be made afresh to support the Libs.