Thursday, September 9, 2010


(A NSW police officer shot and killed by Vietnamese drug dealer during raid)

It would be most remiss of me to not pay some kind of tribute to a man who is no doubt be extremely missed by many, many people in this country right at this moment and for many years to come. My heart goes out to his family, friends and colleagues and to state the obvious he is a hero in my book. Anyone who puts on the blue uniform, especially these days, has my utmost respect and obedience.

There is not much good that can come from such a tragedy except to say that the scum responsible will meet their just reward in the end and I have faith that Detective Senior Constable Will Crews will be standing before his maker with a sense of true pride, purpose and worth. A job well done officer, thank you for protecting us all.


DaoDDBall said...

It is because of this kind of tragedy that I made my video Picking Cotton.

Anonymous said...

He was shot by a fellow police officer. Update the post.

DaoDDBall said...

No need to change the post, the shooting was a tragic accident .. but it would never have happened if the crims hadn't drawn their guns. In some places in the world, those crims would still be held responsible. Now the poor policeman who fired the fatal shot will face a lifetime of inquiry.