Sunday, September 5, 2010


We have been told that this weekend will be the last one we need to wait through before we will know just who will be running our country and economy for the next three years.

We have been listening to the undecided king or queen makers (Oakeshott, Windsor and Katter) tell us that it is all about stable government and that installing a stable government regardless of its ideology will be the marker for their choice?

Well in places like China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, just to name a few, they would be considered as "stable governments" or as I would describe them, BIG GOVERNMENTS with Totalitarian/ Dictatorships as their base. So my point is that stable government sounds good but clearly it is not always what a healthy Western style democracy requires -- and with the most leftist incumbent government since Chifley, the new ALP/Greens coalition will certainly prove to be a big taxing socialist government as compared to the alternative, a more Conservative, small lower taxing government on offer from the Liberal/National Coalition.

Gough Whitlam would be very proud of the Communist progressive movement in this country and I am sure that even the former National Party Independents would not be unaware that the majority of their constituency did vote for a conservative member. Therefore you would think that an Abbott government would get the balance of power by a just a few seats. Alas I am really not convinced of that anymore.

I just hope that what I saw on a Sky news program a few nights ago, a round table interview with all three rural independents, will not lead to an ALP/Greens minority government being elected.

The body language, especially from Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, along with all that was discussed, was certainly leaning to the left as the choice. I suspect that the deals have already been done and that this weekend is just a rest period and a regrouping for these blokes to work out just how they are going to break the bad news to the country.

God I do hope that I am wrong but I do think that the country will fall back into the socialist hands of power and it will be another three years of rape and pillage for our economy and our social way of life.


Andy said...

I think the ALP will rue the day they got into bed officially with the Greens.
There brand is now forever tainted and they will now only be recognised as the Labor-Green Alliance.

DaoDDBall said...

before they have chosen, the independents have behaved abysmally. They got their parliamentary reforms. Thing about government, is that anything is possible, but not everything is beneficial.