Friday, September 10, 2010


As I type this rant, the so called independent minister, Rob Oakeshott, is in a meeting with his new overlord, and the PM will no doubt be making him an offer he probably couldn't refuse, even if he wanted to.

As a back bencher he would be earning approximately $132,000.00 a year and if he takes up the offer of a front bencher in the Gillard/Brown government then he stands to make an extra $102,900.00 extra per annum.

As a family man, with young children and as a man who faces electoral suicide due to his anti-conservative vote for the ALP last week, can I be excused for believing that he may well cash in his chips this way and take either a ministerial posting and maybe a cabinet position.

Hmmmmm a cabinet position, well that would certainly oblige him to confidentiality with the ALP and thus turns his claim as an "Independent" into nothing more than a joke.

I believe that if Rob Oakeshott really does want a future in politics then he should follow his leftist heart, take an ALP/Greens appointment and do it sooner than later as well as joining the ALP. Not sure what union he would need to sign up for but I am sure there would be a few looking for another paying member.

I say sooner than later because I agree with the likes of former ALP power broker Graham Richardson and former Liberal Leader, John Hewson who both stated today that this minority ALP/Greens government has no more than 18 months left to live:

Now that is certainly something worth hanging out for, another election, you beauty! and I am sure Oakeshott has considered this eventuality.

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DaoDDBall said...

THE NSW ALP will be pretty upset they won't be able to point fingers at a federal Lib party in their upcoming election.