Tuesday, March 18, 2014


These organised Socialist/Hard Left protests were once again based on nothing than a hatred of Conservative Australia and family values -- thus proof of why we see the Greens in free fall to the bottom of the political barrel and they are taking the ALP with them. I can only hope that the ALP has learnt a value lesson from the last few years of bedding this Green Witch -- and that lesson couldn't be more clear, "You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas."

Of course I have no issue with protest, it is a staple of any decent democracy but those who protest can be marked up or down on the way that they use this valuable freedom. If I had to mark the usual suspects in the "March in March" gatherings of the weekend, then I give them all a resounding F.


Here we have a gathering of the so called people of the loving, empathetic and caring left and yet was there any display of humanity or caring to be seen? I am sure they all felt empowered and just but what the rest of the logical thinking country saw were banners full of horrible and disgusting lies about our PM, relating him to monsters such as Hitler and calling for his death!!!

To hearing the pumped up Unionist sycophants who were recording stating that certain people of the right should have bullets put into the back of their heads!!! This is a public demonstration of the lunacy and dangerous nature that permeates the mindset of the Far Leftist Activist. These are not loving and caring human beings.

From Trotskyites & Marxists to the devolving Greenies, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is sickening to Australian vales, in my humble opinion.

Did your children or grandchildren witness and learn from this display of democracy in action, lefty style?..... I hope not!


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