Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Emperor's new robes.‏

My jaw dropped 5 feet yesterday when I heard about the stupid political advertising regulation inTasmania that would possibly lead to a member of the Palmer United Party, maybe even Clive himself, being prosecuted and maybe even gaoled. Of course as stupid as the law is ( you have to get permission of the person you are commenting about in your political campaign before publishing ) and just as unlikely and crazy as anyone being incarcerated for such a trivia matter, nothing was more shocking too me to hear Clive Palmer put himself in the same bracket as Mahatma Gandhi. To say that he will be "Tasmania's Gandhi" is not only insulting to the memory of the great man but I think is a window into a bit of delusional thought processing.

Has anyone else noticed how the leftist media in particular have turned this bloke (Clive) into a poster boy in the last few months? During the recent Federal Election, there was nobody in the mainstream media, left or right that had a good thing to say about Clive Palmer or his Party. The bloke was a political opportunist, a baffoon, a Cashup Redneck and a man who's ego was all that matter too him, to win this game was more a matter of personal pride repaired, than that of genuine desire to serve as a public servant. A lot of that commentary may now be seen as actually close to the mark but it is only the conservative side of the commentariat that is echoing that opinion.

 The Left however, have fallen in love with Professor Palmer and that is probably because he is deliberately pandering to them in a show of public defiance of the Abbott Government. After all, Palmer is no lefty. He certainly sucked me in during the campaign and had my support because I as many others I know also thought, well he's a conservative, he's a rags to riches story, he's a miner thus not a Greenie and some of his economic ideas sounded okay plus he didn't speak pollie talk, a man of the people, a breath of fresh air. Wasn't I wrong!

 He is certainly a smart man but he is certainly a manipulater of minds and in my opinion that makes him dangerous in public office. He will not naturally lend support to Abbott & will put pressure on the PM to get what HE WANTS. Is that what the PUP voters want though? Clearly he is in control of his Senators choices and he is taking some new minor party members under his wise and all knowing wing as well. Hmmmm, should have seen it coming but I'm awake now and the canary in the coal mine (punt intended) was the violent turn around of attitude by the leftist media to this man.
 Now that he does and certainly after this Saturday's Polls, will have a huge amount of deciding power, then naturally the Greens and the ALP are sidling up to him and the ever accompanying media are in tow.

I'll bet there are a few right wing commentators out there now that thought just 6 or 7 months ago that this bloke was going to be a political blip on the radar and now like me, are thinking, oooops, better not over or under estimate anyone with that much self made money , charisma and drive again.

Lot's of great leaders in the world had enormous charisma, it's true! but it is also true that many of them were some of the most evil bastards who ever lived. I am not saying that Clive is evil, I just do not think that about him but I do believe that this is a game to him and at a time when the majority want to see an end to this bloody criminal Carbon Tax and other important legislation reform & removal, he'd better accept that mandate of this government and the majority view. If he plays his cards right and supports the Abbott government in this term then people will remember this and it will be the Liberals/Nationals that will preference him next time around. If he want's to form a coalition with the leftist ALP/GREENS then he's political history for over a decade and if even worse, he just wants to blackmail whom ever has the balance of power, then it's political suicide. I sure hope he plays the right historical card and turns out to be a hero rather than a obstructionist ZERO.

Fair and balanced and humbly speaking, I stuffed up. Please forgive me PM.


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