Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I wonder if Putin's annexing of the Ukraine could be Obama's and probably later, Hillary's, 911 moment?

Hard to be sure this early in the game but a game it certainly is. I believe Putin and his Commies are not only trying to relive and maybe even regain their Soviet tyranny of the recent past but also test the US Government's resolve. I doubt NATO or the UN paper tigers really concern Vladimir too much but his old sparring partner, The mighty?

US Military may still give him cause to continue to walk steady and carry a big stick. One thing is for sure, the US Army is not equipped to take on the Russian Military on their own ground. If the battle was in the air or at sea, then I'd say that the US probably have the advantage alas if any conflict were to occur, it wouldn't be the US sending in the troops. We have seen already what happens when any despot dares to step over President Obama's "thin red line"........... bugger all!

So in a way it will be a US Republican Government that will have to deal with this horrible circumstance if Obama's diplomacy and the threat of sanctions fail,.... in my humble opinion.

I also believe that China's ruling Communist Party is closely monitoring the resolve of all players in this event, especially the USA so if anyone thought that Red's under the bed where well, better look again.

Feels a bit like the 80's!

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