Friday, March 21, 2014

Senate votes against abolition of carbon tax (A stay of execution)‏

Senate votes against abolition of carbon tax ....... well, to quote USMC Private Gomer Pyle, "SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE."

As if the GREENS haven't been anything but consistent on this BUT what the hell is going on in the minds of the ALP???

Wasn't the massive loss of the Sept '13 election and the bollocking that they received last weekend in Tasmania enough to make them wake up to the fact that they have tied their colours to the mast of a fast sinking GREEN ship?

Please, there must someone in the Labor Party with a resemblance of common sense left to steer the Labor ship back towards their light on the hill? ....................... I don't know why I have so many nautical references in this rant!

And now Palmer is changing his pre election tune also.

Using welfare deals to blackmail the Senate repeal of the MINING TAX!?  Errr Clive, you're a Miner mate!

Hasn't this bloke turned out to be a disappointment and clearly an opportunist and emotive populist pollie? Sure, all politicians are playing some kind of mind game but what Clive promised us all was that he wasn't going to be like the rest and that his style of politics was one of "No bullshit games, just honest & transparent policy decisions based on the real desires and needs of the majority."

War veterans children used as a political pawn, Clive?  Sorry mate, but you are just as bad as the rest.

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