Monday, March 17, 2014

Trial by Aunty‏

No doubt you aware of the continued attacks on the views of News Limited journalist/commentator, Andrew Bolt. Seeing this thoroughly decent and very considered man being dragged through some kind of Star Chamber trial by the leftist media, political opposites and activists alike, is a disgrace to all our very freedoms & values as Australians, in my humble opinion.

Sure, don't agree with Andrew's Conservative view of the world, that is your free right but it is not your right to use your freedom of speech to label a non bigoted Australian as a racist, without evidence and only based on your personal hatred and mental hang ups.

 This is the problem with the embedded hatred of the political right that infects our National Broadcaster and it is time that CEO, Mark Scott did something to balance out the views and correct the ideologically based lies masquerading as opinion.

When we clearly see wall to wall conservative governments in this country, is that not a clear enough indication that the ABC in general, does not have it's finger on the pulse of this nation?................ Yes, of course it is!

I love the diversity of views in our media, left or right publications, bring them on, it's healthy & democratic BUT the ABC is a taxpayer funded organisation and it's charter of operation is clear.

 There is nothing fair and balanced about many of the ABC News and Opinion programs on TV or Radio and this has been the case for decades. Time has definitely come for a change and that change will come when the movers & shakers on the ABC start to employ presenters and guest and do stories without such a leftist bias view.

 If the ABC were a commercial venture, then fine, I wouldn't say a damn thing about them but they are not and it is likely that they would never be able to survive in the commercial world because of their very bias. This is still no excuse to use tax payer money as a way to push political ideology and I for one will never be satisfied with the status quo of the ABC until I see more Conservative opinion being fairly represented and not used as a tokenistic tool to appear balanced. No one wants a sterile ABC, and I believe as much diversity and balance will be the only way to improve and stop the critiques of our old Aunty!

This link will take you to a piece that showcases my view on this craziness and the well written account of recent events by Quadrant Editor, Roger Franklin.

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