Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Drunken Sailor is Home!‏

It would be like living with a drunken sailor. He comes home after being away for 6 years and all the money he promised to bring back, all the savings have been pissed up against the wall of every town and port he has been in. Not only has he spent all the wages but he borrowed and gambled and borrowed again, putting the whole family in debt. Feeling blameless, Captain Pinkeye just tells his family to borrow some more.

I do believe that we will lose our AAA credit ratings if this 2015-15 Budget is blocked in the Senate, regardless of what the S&P analyst thinks. Immediately no but in a few years, YES!

 Then you can hear ALP Leader Bill Shorten, his cronies and other likeminded fools in both houses, shouting down the Coalition as the Government that "destroyed our great credit rating". If a simple bloke like me can see this then why can't everyone else.

Who is actually being Polled??? ....not me!!

Australia's credit rating under threat?

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