Saturday, May 3, 2014


This excellent Commission of Audit combined with a determined Coalition Government strategy to finally start the death wheel rolling on this destructive "age of entitlement", that successive a Socialist Governments have engineered in Australia for the last 5 decades, is the best news I have heard in a very long time.

The national & foreign debt is way out of control, Government spending is unsustainable and as we become more & more unable to afford the infrastructure & services that we need for this ever ageing society, then there is certainly no time like the present to kill the virus that is the entitlement mentality.

Thanks to the usual suspects in government, this fiscal challenge must now affect us all, rich, not so rich and the poor. The same arsonists that are now blocking the way of the fire fighters are also the ones who are hypocritically decrying the Coalition for wanting to not only introduce a LML (Labor's Mismanagement Levy) which will result in the bigger end of town paying even more than they do.

Remember that 75% of annual taxation is paid by 10% of the people....THE WEALTHY. I was never employed by a poor man!

I say get in there Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey, get in there and do just what the people voted for you to do. Bring on this much needed tough Budget and destroy Labor/Green's debt, kill the Marxist entitlement mentality, to ensure that our children, grandchildren and their children do not have to financially struggle and accept a lesser standard of life because they have to pay for the one that we take for granted now!


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