Tuesday, May 6, 2014

People in Green Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw STONES‏

Another cartoon you won't see in the Fairfax or Guardian press.

This Christine Milne is some work. Implying that all other political parties in Australia and NOT the Greens are guilty of or hiding corruption and political bribes and that a National ICAC enquiry will root out the evil doers. This is a laugh when pretty much commonly agreed that the global Green political movement's funding/lobbying arm, GETUP (masquerading as concerned environmentalists & social justice advocates but are truly Marxist Engineers with an Agenda 21 and One World Government goal) is financially backed by the likes of narcissistic high roller players such as Al Gore, Maurice Strong & George Soros.

I hope that there is a fair dinkum enquiry and that the Greens are throroughly examined by the independent commission. Alas this mob is not local, just the Australian arm of the Green Machine and I actually doubt that ICAC or even INTERPOL would ever get to the bottom of their financial heart or their true agenda. Only time will reveal all but then it will probably be too late!

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