Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Budget Reply‏

Well, this Budget is in my opinion the turning point that will put us all on track for a more secure fiscal future -- A huge first step to finally killing the entitlement mentality that has infected our Australian psyche since the 60's march through the institutions and in particular since Chairman Whitlam got his red hands on the levers of power.

Talk about political courage. PM Abbott and his budget team have done something that most before them never had the courage to do and that is to think about this countries real long term future rather than their own short term political careers.

 The great thing about us Aussies is that we adapt to change very well and although the "usual suspects" will whinge and moan and continue to rebut the legitimacy of this Conservative Government, with hypocrisy and childish name calling (Did you hear Bill Shorten this morning calling Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann "Cigar smoking Liberals"?), the vast majority of us will just get the job done.

In a short time the so called freebies will no longer be seen as a great loss but rather a milestone around Australia's neck and something that we should have dropped decades ago. The next and future generations will have a lot to thank this current Government for and above all the removal of dependence on others!!!

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